How can you pay?

For your convenience we offer several different methods of payment.


GoCardless is a simple way to pay us via a direct debit.  Simply click the link above, complete the form.  Once we have completed a job we will debit your account and you receive an email detailing amount debited 3 days before funds are taken from the account. You can cancel the link at any time and we never see your bank details.

Cheques are simply made payable to "BWC".   Always put your address on the back of any cheques.

Bank Transfer

Please note that we will stop accepting BAC's for regular customers from May 2019 and will be taking taking payments via GoCardless


We accept cash at the door in denominations of £1 or more, although we prefer other methods to protect our staff.

On line

Please note that we stopped accepting card payments from January 2019 and will be taking taking payments via GoCardless


In 2018 we suffered +£8,000 of damage to one of our vans by kids looking for cash which is why we try to avoid cash.

We now use GoCardless as this only takes payment once we have finished the work and updates our accounts when payment is made.

This saves us having to employ another member of staff just to process payments and having to increase our prices by a further 18%.