Harnesses & Eyebolts

Brilliant Window Cleaners use harnesses to access and clean windows to parts of buildings that are normally deemed unsafe (i.e. ledges, parapets or leaning out of inside windows).

Providing the adequate* eyebolt fixings are in place, we are able to access and tackle any task, with ease, in a safe and controlled manner, with no height limitations.

All staff are highly trained and experienced in the use of this equipment.
Before any cleaning task commences and access methods are determined, a full on-site risk assessment is carried out.
Safety is our number one priority, we guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any cleaning task.

*All eyebolts must be regularly inspected and have a date sticker/card by them.  This will state when the next safely inspection is due.  If these are out of date our staff will not be able to use them and your clean will be reduced as a result.